And so it Begins

This is the post excerpt.


It started with a girl and a boy. They fell in love. Things were good, for a time. For a time until they crossed boundaries they never should’ve crossed and there was no going back. This is the story of my son and his battle with heroin addiction and the day the truth came out. The day I realized that my life would never be the same, and I wondered if my son would ever be the same. It’s my story of hope in the midst of heartache. The day the truth came out, we knew it was now or never, the choice for my son was life or death if he didn’t take the first step to get help. He took that step. What follows will be our journey down the long and winding road toward recovery. For those who’ve traveled there before me, I welcome your words of encouragement because I know it won’t be easy, and I appreciate you walking down this road with us.


Author: elainelanc55

I have a love of writing and sharing my heart with others in words. I hope to encourage, inspire and at times just bring a smile to you in this journey of life. I am the proud mother of 3 -- young adults now -- a beautiful daughter and two of the most handsome sons a mom could ask for -- who have taught me the true meaning of love, and am greatly blessed with a wonderful family and friends. *** Update: I am now the beamingly proud grandmother of a precious baby boy! Thank you for reading! For additional topics related to my thoughts on relationships, single parenting, and just some silly moments in my life, please see the link below to an older blog of mine: The First Step.

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